Quality Environmental Solutions

Established in the New Orleans Metropolitan area in January 2005, Leaaf Environmental, LLC (Leaaf) is a recognized leader in soil, groundwater, and air quality investigations (asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold) in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast.

Our Story

Having worked together since 1989, Claire Renault, Jim Blazek Jr., and Jane Morgan started with the vision of minimizing environmental risk for their clients and better assist them by providing cost-effective solutions to environmental issues.

Claire, Jim, and Jane wanted a firm that followed a set of core values; Leaaf family, Ethics, Service, Professionalism, and Self Development. As Claire and Jane were getting ready to retire, they knew they had to pass the torch to someone that shared these values.

In 2013, Jesse Hoppes joined Leaaf as Jane Morgan began planning for retirement. By the summer of 2022, Claire Renault has retired, and both are living in the mountains out west.

Today, the two co-owners, Jim and Jesse, have continued to push the founders’ efforts and have grown the Leaaf Family to over 25 employees. By continuing to focus on Minimizing Environmental Risk for their clients and with the vision of creating an environment that allows Leaaf to hire and retain top employees with technical knowledge and experience in solving environmental problems throughout the Gulf Coast, Leaaf maintains being a leader in their field.

To learn more about our experience, please review Leaaf’s corporate capability statement.

Leaaf Core Values

Leaaf is a place where we work with and for people who care for us, help us, and treat us fairly.

Leaaf expects integrity in our work and relationships in all areas of business.

Leaaf is deeply invested in serving our clients needs and providing exceptional, individualized customer care.

Leaaf is dedicated to maintaining a professional, supportive attitude within and outside of Leaaf.

Leaaf encourages professional and personal growth through company-based training and individual study.

Company Timeline

Leaaf Environmental History

Leaaf’s founders: Claire Renault, Jim Blazek, Jr., and Jane Morgan developed a business philosophy designed around “Minimizing Environmental Risk

Leaaf is established

Jesse Hoppes joined Leaaf

New Website is Launched

Support Services are Expanded