Another month has passed us by!  April has been full of busy days and chilly gatherings. Here are a few highlights:

We began on a strong note with the Westbank Business and Industry Association Annual Crawfish Boil.  The Leaaf team was an integral part of the organization and set-up.  The event was a great success and a fun time all around!

We had our annual Leaaf Family Outing at Cajun Encounters Tour service.  It was a chilly day, but despite the cold we were able to interact with racoons, alligators, hogs, and spot a good few birds.  We enjoyed identifying flower types and reveling in the abundance of life all around us.  We were even able to spot the bright pink shell casings of the apple snail nestled away between trees.  Before starting, we were all taken aback by the presence of not one, but TWO celebrities participating in airboat tours that day.  A fun time was had by all.

We celebrated three Leaaf birthdays: Congratulations to Michael, Chase, and Jill!

Excitingly, Leaaf has also gained traction on Instagram—follow us on Instagram!

Stay with us through May for some more exciting times as the weather gets warmer…  We have many birthdays and busy days ahead!