Every month, Leaaf employees are presented with an opportunity to anonymously acknowledge the hard work and extra effort of their coworkers by nominating them for a small bonus.  Votes are counted at the end of every month, and the list of nominations and comments is sent out to everybody via email and posted here.

This month’s superstar is Michael Stevens!

Michael received the following comments:

“Michael is a superstar because he is always going out of town for projects and working overtime.”
“He has been in the field for one to four nights away from home every week for the last 4-5 weeks trying toget field work done so we can complete our reports.  He has missed baby classes and worked in the rain and mud to ensure that field work is complete.”
“For his patience, kindness, and eagerness to share knowledge.”
“For his patience, friendship, hard work in the field, and field improvisation to push through and complete jobs safely, right, and to the customer’s satisfaction.  He makes for a great leader and teacher (sharing things that have worked in thepast for him in field sampling, and those that have not).  He stays focused in the field and does not get rattled when unexpected problems come up (they always do).  He is an outstanding asset for our company.”
“He helped me de-mob from a field job in the rain.”

Congratulations to our April Superstar!