Architects and Engineers

Before any design or construction, we can help to assess potential environmental risks or concerns and to provide guidance for possible solutions and remediation work.

Realtors & Developers

Leaaf often performs Phase I ESAs for developers and realtors to assist with their due diligence before a transaction occurs.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Leaaf provides banks and financial institutions with Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to help minimize environmental risk.


Public schools, universities, and non-profit private schools have distinct regulatory requirements to protect school children and school employees from asbestos and lead exposure.


Regulatory compliance of indoor air quality standards and regular testing can determine any issues that may exist as well as ensure safe levels are maintained.


Leaaf has had many successful partnerships and a variety of government clientele over the past eleven years.

Light Industrial

Leaaf partners with light industrial facilities and property owners to assist with many compliance challenges.

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