How Leaaf Works With Architects & Engineers

Leaaf is pleased to work with architects and engineers on a wide range of projects. Our team gets called in to assess potential environmental risks or concerns and to provide guidance for possible solutions and remediation work.

These professionals will be awarded contracts on projects to renovate buildings, build roads or bridges or perform just about any kind of design or construction work. We will come in usually before (but occasionally after) construction begins to assess the site.

We might, for example, find underground storage tanks, or conduct tests that reveal unexpected asbestos or lead paint. Our research could also find evidence of past fuel tanks with spills, or exposure to hazardous materials that could affect the land.

Why Professionals Trust Leaaf

Architects and engineers rely on our services because they know we will identify the issues on their property so they can incorporate those issues into their scope of work and design. By getting in as early as possible to investigate the site, we are able to give these companies a better understanding of the challenges and issues facing their project.

We are happy to serve as a consultant and write out detailed specifications companies can bid out to other contractors, or we can take the work on ourselves.

Happy Clients

  • Blitch Knevel Architects

  • Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc.

  • Chenevert Architects, LLC

  • Corporate Realty

  • Domingue Szabo, Inc.

  • Eskew Dumez & Ripple
  • Hegedus Architects

  • Hewitt-Washington & Associates
  • John T. Campo and Associates

  • Lachin Oubre & Associates
  • Linfield Hunter and Junius

  • Manning Architects

  • Perez Architects

  • Rozas Ward Architects

  • Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects

  • Volume Zero

  • Waggonner and Ball Architects

  • Waldemar S. Nelson

  • Williams Architect

  • Ensafe, Inc.

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Leaaf is pleased to serve as environmental consultants for engineers and architects on a wide range of projects. Contact us today to begin with a site assessment.