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When financing the purchase of a piece of property, banks and financial institutions need to ensure that their assets are protected. Many banks will require potential buyers to take a closer look at the property during the due diligence phase, conducting their own inspections and assessments in order to evaluate environmental liability associated with the development of a property.

Leaaf Environmental, LLC (Leaaf) provides banks and financial institutions with Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to help minimize environmental risk. If these assessments reveal any environmental concerns, such as soil, groundwater, or air from historical operations or structures that contain asbestos and lead-based paint building materials, we can suggest courses of action to minimize or eliminate those risks and help our clients select effective solutions to the environmental issues they face. Routinely performing Phase I ESAs during the due diligence period of a real estate transaction, our services help to determine the extent and risks associated with any contaminations and the environmental costs that need to be factored into any future property development.

Lender Services

Leaaf recognizes the crucial role lenders play in shaping the future of projects and properties. Beyond financial considerations, an often overlooked aspect is the potential environmental risks associated with these ventures. Leaaf specializes in helping lenders navigate the complex landscape of real estate and environmental risk management. Offering market knowledge, expert relationships, and cutting-edge software, Leaaf ensures that due diligence policies comply with regulatory requirements.

Leaaf Environmental collaborates closely with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and 7A Lenders, providing an in-house environmental due diligence solution. By ordering and preparing environmental submissions, Leaaf enhances approval rates and reduces staff workload, facilitating successful loan closures.

Site Assessment Services from Leaaf

Site assessments allow our team to identify historical uses of the property and/or adjoining properties that may have negatively impacted the site and would be required to be addressed before a developer can safely build on the property. From assessments to remediation plans, the team at Leaaf provides a variety of consulting and assessment services to protect the interest of all parties during a real estate transaction.

Our experienced team of environmental professionals understand our services must be technically correct, of the highest quality, on time, and on budget! At Leaaf, we differentiate ourselves by also ensuring meaningful answers are provided to the clients questions that matter most.

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