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Asbestos has been used in a vast assortment of building materials installed in hospitals since the turn of the century. These were often found in large boiler houses, lagging on steam pipes located in under floor voids/subways, asbestos insulating boards protecting pipework in clinical environments all of which are realities of its use from not too long ago. Since the effects of this material have become known, licensed professionals must be consulted for the removal and remediation during construction and renovation projects.

While there is a perception that many regulations pertaining to asbestos have become less stringent, new regulations are continuing to be enacted that require building owners and facilities managers to implement methods of recognition and control for asbestos-containing building materials. Several states have initiated regulations on asbestos consultants and contractors that supersede federal requirements. Regulatory compliance of indoor air quality standards and regular testing can determine any issues that may exist as well as ensure safe levels are maintained.

Site Assessment and Consulting Services

In addition to regular monitoring of indoor air quality, hospitals most frequently need our services when performing new development or planning renovations of existing spaces. As long as there is no exposure or disturbance of the materials, buildings constructed from materials containing asbestos and lead-based paint can be completely safe, but it is important that building management and maintenance officials understand where it was used and have plans in place to ensure that no exposure occurs from unintentional disturbance of lead dust or asbestos.

Beginning with assessment and moving to regular testing and monitoring, you can implement a strategy to prevent exposure and identify any underperforming air handling systems that can compromise the comfort and health of your hospital’s patients and staff.

Up to date asbestos and lead surveys are needed in order to determine what asbestos and lead-based paint are present in the premises, its condition, and importantly its risk. These surveys will then be used to produce an Asbestos and Lead Inspection report, which provides information to not only hospital staff but also visiting contractors who may require access to areas of the hospital premises.

A management plan should also be produced that shows how the facility will manage asbestos within its premises. There is no need for a huge document – a straightforward statement of what is to be done and who will do it, highlighting problem areas if any exist.

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