Proven Environmental Consultants for Industrial Facilities

Working with light industrial facilities and property owners, Leaaf Environmental’s engineering, compliance and industrial hygiene divisions aid clients by implementing preventative, mitigative, and management-based solutions to a myriad of compliance challenges faced in the light industrial market. Our environmental services help owners take preventative steps, and we enact remediation efforts to maintain safety throughout the production process.

From environmental site assessments to indoor air quality testing, our services provide a full range of health and safety evaluations for your facility. With a wide variety of chemicals and materials used in various manufacturing operations, your site must maintain proper safety measures for; storage, usage, and disposal, to ensure that your personnel remain safe at all times.

Leaaf has experienced engineers and scientists that can provide all aspects of environmental compliance, including air, drinking water, storm- and wastewater, solid and hazardous waste, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and Tier II reporting and agency negotiations. We can provide permits, operating procedures, and plans for all aspects of environmental media. Leaaf’s team is also highly experienced in troubleshooting, monitoring, and designing the containment, treatment, runoff, green build, and processing of wastes and residuals. We specialize in approaches that reduce environmental compliance burdens for light industrial facilities.

Protection through Prevention

Leaaf understands that the challenges stem from balancing regulatory requirements and production goals. Leaaf’s professional engineers, certified industrial hygienists, and environmental professionals maintain this balance for our light industrial clients through procedural development, engineering solutions, identification and mitigation of environmental issues, and the management of regulatory agency communications.

Leaaf can work with internal subject matter experts to develop standard operating procedures – or amend your existing procedures – to protect and prevent your organization and employees from experiencing the fallout of regulatory infractions, negative community impact, and adverse exposure to occupational hazards.

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