Environmental Consultants for Realtors & Developers

Environmental Due Diligence is the process that evaluates the environmental conditions and risks associated with a property. Before purchasing or beginning development on a piece of property, developers need to take steps to fully understand potential environmental risks they may be facing in order to protect themselves from potential liability issues.

Leaaf Environmental, LLC (Leaaf) frequently performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) during the due diligence period before a transaction occurs. This routinely includes an inspection that allows the team at Leaaf to uncover any potential concerns, such as contaminated soil, groundwater, or air or asbestos and lead-based paint in structures, and develop a remediation plan if necessary.

Site Assessment Services for Developments

Whether conducting these assessments before marketing the property, or during the due diligence period, a site assessment for real estate developments or transactions is similar to a home inspection, evaluating a piece of property from an environmental focus. This assessment allows our team to determine if any historical operations conducted at the property, or adjoining properties, have negatively impacted the site and that will need to be addressed before a developer can safely build on the property. In some cases, the transaction may be delayed while issues are addressed, or the purchaser may renegotiate the terms of the sale to compensate for the added expenses they will incur.

From soil and groundwater analysis to lead and asbestos inspections, Leaaf’s clients have included developers as well as commercial realtors and property owners.

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Renaissance Properties
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