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Schools, daycare centers, and hospitals that were built in a certain time period may have hidden asbestos in their building materials. As long as there is no exposure, this can be completely safe, but it is important for building management and maintenance to understand where it is and to have plans in place to ensure no exposure takes place.

Site Assessment for Development

Schools and hospitals most frequently need our services when performing new development. It’s important to be aware of the risks and possible presence of hazardous materials before beginning.

Assessments indicate where these contaminants are located so no one starts demolition and possibly disturbing lead dust or asbestos. They also help in the creation of a maintenance plan to ensure maintenance professionals are fully trained in and understand the management of these materials. Inspections will then happen regularly in accordance with the management plan to make sure no one is exposed to the materials.

For renovation work, schools may be required to do air monitoring and other assessment work as part of compliance with regulations, as well as for doing the proper due diligence for safety.

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