Jesse Hoppes and Emma Hoeiris-Andersen at the SMPS Awards Luncheon.
While in their early years of their membership, a Rising Star is someone who has jumped in with both feet and become an engaged member actively seeking ways to add value to the chapter. Notably, Emma was nominated for this award by a record number of chapter members. She started her journey with SMPS in October of 2022 and has been a dedicated member of the chapter ever since. She joined the SMPS membership committee within her first month and is still an active member on the committee.
As the President-Elect of the chapter, Olivia Szczerba noted: “Emma hit the ground running as soon as she became a member of SMPS SELA. Currently active on the membership committee, Emma provides immense value to the chapter – she coordinates the social media spotlights, assists with sponsorship outreach, and serves as a resource to the entire member base. She is innovative, ambitious, enthusiastic, extremely reliable, and most definitely a ‘rising star’! I look forward to her continued involvement and positive impact within the Southeast Louisiana chapter!”
We, at Leaaf, are extremely proud of Emma for receiving this award, but it comes as no surprise. Since joining Leaaf in August 2022, Emma has jumped in with both feet and driven progress with unmatched energy and attention to detail. Her Marketing and Business Development efforts are being noticed in the community and her positive spirit is incredibly infectious. She has taken our Leaaf Socials to the next level with her creativeness and  we are very fortunate to have her on our team!

Congratulations on your achievement, Emma.