We have an announcement!

Two Leaaf owners (Jim Blazek and Jesse Hoppes) are joining a Hogs for the Cause team rasising funds to assist families with costs associated with pediatric brain cancer treatment; more details are available on the Hogs for the Cause website: https://www.hogsforthecause.org/

Our team, Smoke Dem if Ya Got Dem, is selling Saints 2018 Season Football squares as our primary fundraiser.

A $50 square will get you 16 sets of #s for the Saints 2018 football season. The pool payout will be $25 for Q1, Q2 and Q3 with $50 for Final score. The pool will be emailed on Thursday evening each week. You will receive an email on Tuesday if you have won. We can PayPal or Venmo the winnings to you. If you do not have access to either, we will send the money to either the team member who sold you the square or an alternative person with Venmo or PayPal of your choosing for them to pay you.

Contact any of our team members if you are interested in getting involved!