Here’s to another year of growth and excitement ahead at Leaaf Environmental.  We have had a busy first month already, with updates abound.

In the month of January, we have had the pleasure of welcoming a new intern, Rochelle Cole.  In addition to her work assisting Leaaf’s Phase II team, Rochelle is currently working on a master’s degree in Public Health from Louisiana State University.  She is set to graduate in May.  Leaaf also welcomed former intern Maddy Fox as a full-time marketing assistant.

The month of January also brought us surprises.  The entire office mobilized from the early hours of the morning to respond to a molasses spill along I-10 on January 16th.  We were able to clean up the spill within the day and ensure that all loose ends were accounted for.  We emerged with sticky vests and a great sense of accomplishment.

In other news, Leaaf has officially been issued an LDEQ Solid Waste Transporter ID number.  We are excited for the opportunities this new certification will bring us in the new year.  We have also been selected for the RPC Bid—congratulations to the Leaaf team for their hard work!

We are additionally excited to announce that Leaaf will be collaborating with the City of New Orleans once again this year to recycle Christmas trees along select coastal zones to create a new marshland habitat.

Outside work hours, the office has been preoccupied with a 30 year old search for treasure and a friendly feud over the location of our Annual Leaaf Family Outing—we’ve got team Canoeing, team Swamp Tour, and team NOLA Motorsports.  Check back in next month to see which team will emerge victorious.