Leaaf would like to welcome, Angie Hendrix, MSPH, CMC, to the team.  Angie joins us as a Senior Environmental Project Manager in 2022.  She has over 15 years of experience as an environmental consultant, beginning in 2005, the same week Hurricane Katrina hit. Due to Katrina, instead of starting her environmental consulting career in New Orleans as planned, she relocated to the Houston office, where she ended up staying for five years.

Angie was initially attracted to the environmental world due to her love of the outdoors and the desire to assist others with protecting them. She obtained a B.S. in Biology and furthered her education by attending Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine to complete a MSPH degree with a concentration in Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment.  Her early-on environmental consulting experience includes hazardous and solid waste permitting for large refineries, marine-vapor control recertifications for refineries, groundwater monitoring, and risk assessment work under LDEQ’s RECAP and TCEQ’s TRRP programs.  More recent experience includes indoor air quality work, including mold surveys, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, and asbestos inspections.  Angie also holds a Certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) credential which has allowed her to be contracted as an expert witness in litigious cases related to indoor air quality.

In her free time, Angie enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters that are 11 and 5, soaking up the sun outdoors, having a glass or two of good wine, and reading science/health related articles and book club books.