Hoping everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend– March came and left like a whirlwind.  At Leaaf, we found ourselves in the middle of a number of fantastic moments.  Here are some of the highlights.

We three 5-star ratings from completed DOTD projects.  Congratulations to the team that made this ranking achievable!

Claire, Jim, and Jill continued their support for Soul Nola for the remainder of the project.  Soul Nola was able to meet its goal of 600 trees over the course of the program.

Leaaf provided lunch and moral support for the Wildlife & Fisheries, National Guard, and City of New Orleans employees.  This year’s annual City of New Orleans’ Christmas Tree Recycling & Wetlands Restoration program was a total success!

We attended the Louisiana Solid Waste Association Conference in Lafayette—we had a blast handing out funny name badge ribbons and pins to our fellow conference goers.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to hang out with us!

Leaaf welcomed a new employee, Michael Stevens, late in March.  Michael, a geologist, is joining us from Houston with three years of environmental experience.  He is working on a Professional Geology certification.

We were also lucky enough to spend time with Kelly, Leaaf’s remote environmental scientist and Phase I specialist, who flew in for St Patty’s day weekend.  Stay warm and safe travels, Kelly!

Finally, we eagerly welcomed a loud and energetic young neighbor—Rocky the baby goat!

We are looking forward to a busy April– just later this week, Leaaf will be participating in the WBIA Crawfish Boil– come join us!