Every month, Leaaf employees are presented with an opportunity to anonymously acknowledge the hard work and extra effort of their coworkers by nominating them for a small bonus.  Votes are counted at the end of every month, and the list of nominations and comments is sent out to everybody via email and posted here.

This month’s superstars are Andy AllenChase Cromwell, and Gary Brooks!

Andy recieved the following comments:

“He is always consistent in accepting tasks and doing his best to help. To me he goes above to be of assistance. That is greatly appreciated.”
“Always willing to help a co-worker in need”

Chase received the following comments:

“Chase worked several field projects during this month that required him to be out of the office for several days at a time, working long hours. In between and during these field jobs, Chase successfully managed to produce his in-office deliverables without causing project delay.”
“He works very hard and takes everything with a good attitude and a dash of humor. It totally lightens the mood and he deserves recognition.”

Gary received the following comments:

“Never complains.”
“For always working hard.”
“He is always willing to work, no matter the job, time, or place.  He is a hard worker that never complains.  He is an an asset to Leaaf.”

Another honorable mention for the month of October is Michael Stevens.

Congratulations to our October Superstars!