Comprehensive Brownfields Services

VRP application, VRP RAP, QAPP, Public Notification, Cleanup RECAP MO3 evaluation, VRP Final Report)
(Funding sources: City of New Iberia’s EPA Brownfield Cleanup Grant)

Leaaf assisted the City of New Iberia in updating the outdated PI ESA in order to facilitate the final approval of the EPA Cleanup Grant awarded to the City of New Iberia. Leaaf completed the PI ESA in a short time-frame, facilitating the acquisition of the property and forward movement of the EPA Cleanup Grant final application process and Quality Management Plan (QMP) development. Claire Renault received EPA training for the execution of the Grant requirements. Leaaf was awarded the contract to perform the cleanup at the site for the City of New Iberia under the Brownfields Cleanup Grant.

Leaaf submitted the VRP application with the associated Health and Safety Plan. A Voluntary Remedial Action Plan (VRAP) was submitted to EPA, City of New Iberia, and LDEQ. Leaaf facilitated public notice and after the appropriate time period received final approval of the VRAP. Leaaf executed the excavation of contaminated soil, removal of the damaged concrete cap, and installation of a geomembrane and overlying soil cap. Data from the confirmatory samples was used to produce a high level MO3 risk assessment for site closure that is currently under review by LDEQ toxicologists. The geomembrane and soil cap have been installed. Tulip Poplar trees have been planted on site to facilitate natural attenuation of remaining contaminants (phytorememdiation). A VRP Final Report was completed and a Certificate of Completion was issued by LDEQ.