Claire Renault at Constance St. ground breaking

Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Cleanup

Leaaf participated in converting this former warehouse into multi-unit housing. A Phase I/AAI and Office of Community Development Part 58 report that included a Noise Survey were completed prior to purchase. Based on the Phase I/AAI recognized environmental conditions (RECs) noted, a Limited Phase II was completed that identified the presence of Constituents of Concern (COCs) under the structure that slightly exceeded the regulatory limits for residential occupation.

In addition, asbestos, lead-based paint and other commonly found hazardous building materials were present. The hazardous materials were removed. Specifications were prepared for the asbestos and lead-based paint abatement and removal, respectively. Third party monitoring and abatement contractor oversight was provided during abatement/removal activities and clearance sampling was performed. Leaaf facilitated the property through the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality's (LDEQs) Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) which culminated in receiving a Certificate of Completion.