Remediation Warehouse

Date: 2014 - 2018
Location: Location not provided for purposes of confidentiality

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA): The former galvanizing site was historically used as a “hot dip” galvanizing facility.  Leaaf completed a Phase I ESA prior to the client’s purchase of the property.  A Phase II ESA was conducted, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6’s Targeted Brownfields Assessment (TBA) funding (report by GEC 2013).

Phase II ESA, and Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP)Based on the Phase II ESA findings, Leaaf determined that an additional soil and groundwater investigation, including geochemistry evaluation, was needed to provide adequate remediation alternatives.  In July 2015, Leaaf submitted a Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) Remedial Investigation Plan Supplement (Groundwater Investigation Work Plan).  The VRP was prepared in accordance with RECAP and approved by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ).

Voluntary Remediation: In August 2014, the property was enrolled in LDEQ’s VRP program. The Regional Planning Commission (RPC) determined that the site was eligible for their Brownfields Assessment Grant funding to support the first phase of the VRP Work Plan.  Based on Leaaf’s additional soil assessment, Leaaf developed a Partial Voluntary Remedial Action Plan (PVRAP) to address elevated levels of zinc in the soil and groundwater at the site.  The PVRAP was developed in compliance with RECAP and RPC's Quality Management Plan (QMP) and was approved by LDEQ.  Remedial actions included: excavation of 71.5 tons of soil impacted with zinc, classification of impacted soil, removal of impacted soils from the site, and disposal of impacted soils at a permitted landfill; confirmatory sampling of the excavated area, Management Option (MO)-1/2/3 application, and backfill of the excavation area with clean fill.  Groundwater use restrictions were recorded in a conveyance notice filed with the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Count.

Partial Voluntary Remedial Action Report (PVRAR):  The Former Galvanizing site was remediated in accordance with the approved PVRAP.  The site was deemed protective of public health and the environment for the intended use of the property as an active scrap yard.  Leaaf is completed the Partial Voluntary Remedial Action Report (PVRAR) and the site was issued a Certificate of Completion from LDEQ.