VA Hospital

Initially, Leaaf conducted a site assessment to meet the “site check” requirements of Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC) 33:XI.7111 in response to a failed tank tightness test and to meet the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Closure sampling requirements of the UST.  Following results of the site assessment, Leaaf prepared the Motor Fuels Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund (MFUSTTF) Eligibility application and proposed the removal of the 12,000-gallon diesel UST.  The application was approved by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) and Leaaf submitted a Remedial Investigation Work Plan.

Following LDEQs approval of the Work Plan, Leaaf conducted a UST closure and removal of the UST in accordance with the LDEQ UST Closure/Change in Service Guidance Document.  Leaaf submitted and LDEQ approved the UST Closure Report.  The closure has been completed in accordance with LAC 33:XI.905.