Leaaf provided environmental support services for the preparation of a Demolition of Guste Low Rise and Site Preparation Scope of Work for the Guste III Project Development Phase for Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO).

Phase 1 ESAs:
Leaaf conducted a Phase I ESA of a 4-city block area with historic information dating back to the late 1800s. Within this area there were historic gas stations, dry cleaners, print shops and laundries making this a very complicated Phase I ESA. The Phase I ESA defined multiple Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) that were subsequently investigated through the Phase II ESA process. This Phase I ESA was updated during this process. This was a 10-acre site that had residential, commercial and light industrial uses.

Phase II ESA and Risk Assessment:
Leaaf investigated the RECs defined in the Phase I ESA by installing multiple boreholes and monitoring wells throughout the 4-block area. The data was incorporated into a RECAP Environmental Risk Assessment and submitted to LDEQ. Following approval, Leaaf submitted a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for remediation of contaminated soils that was subsequently approved by LDEQ. Leaaf drafted contract specifications/documents for the architect that were submitted as bid documents by HANO for the remediation of the site.

Miscellaneous Environmental Surveys and Scope of Work:
Leaaf’s scope was to provide environmental professionals to complete asbestos, lead-based paint and hazardous materials surveys within and outside of the three low-rise buildings that make up a portion of the Guste Housing Development. Leaaf was tasked with the development of the environmental design Scope Sections for Asbestos Abatement and Soil Remediation, Lead Abatement and Soil Remediation, Hazardous Materials Remediation and PCB/Petroleum Oil recovery and disposal/recycling. Leaaf provided air quality technicians to collect air samples during the course of the abatement and remediation activities. Leaaf will also assist in the tracking of