Leaaf Environmental, LLC (Leaaf)’s Indoor Air Quality Team provided environmental consulting services for multiple buildings on the Holy Ghost Catholic Church school campus in response to damage caused by Hurricane Ida. Leaaf was called in to assess water intrusion impacts, moisture damage, and suspect mold growth concerns in various locations throughout the buildings.

Leaaf responded quickly to provide initial assessments that included visual inspections of impacted buildings as well as indoor mold air and surface sampling. Leaaf enabled the client to quickly address clean-up and recovery efforts by developing a water intrusion remediation protocol detailing procedures for handling water-affected areas and building components. Moisture readings were taken throughout the remediation activities to evaluate the status of the recovery efforts and determine if additional measures were needed to adequately dry out the affected areas. Following remedial activities, Leaaf conducted a mold clearance sampling to ensure remediation protocols were implemented.

In addition, Leaaf completed a Limited Asbestos Survey to identify suspect asbestos-containing materials that may be impacted by renovation efforts and subsequently developed an Asbestos Abatement Plan for the removal of any asbestos-containing materials impacted by future renovation activities.