Leaaf provided lead support services to assist the City of Gretna with drainage improvements to Gretna along Huey P. Long Avenue with enhancements to Memorial Square per green infrastructure interventions outlined in Phase I of the City of Gretna Downtown Drainage Project.

Leaaf’s certified Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) Lead Risk Assessor collected composite bulk soil samples to characterize the soil in the excavation area suspected of containing lead. Leaaf also collected a composite soil sample for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) analysis to be used for waste disposal of soil from the site. Based upon the initial lead soil screening results and subsequent TCLP analysis, the soil at this location was considered contaminated with lead and classified as non-hazardous.

Leaaf developed a scope of work detailing procedures for proper handling and disposal of lead contaminated soil during excavation activities. This scope of work served as an attachment to the City of Gretna’s existing design for improvements to the area.

Upon completion of excavation activities by a third-party licensed contractor, Leaaf conducted final lead soil confirmation sampling to characterize the soil remaining on site. Based on these findings, lead in soil above the regulatory limit was not identified in the excavation area, allowing the City of Gretna to install a geotextile membrane barrier prior to backfilling the excavated area with clean fill.  Leaaf submitted a Final Closure Report to the City of Gretna.  As Memorial Square is considered a public park, Leaaf completed the work in accordance with the applicable guidelines detailed in Louisiana Administrative Code Title 33: Part II, Chapter 28 Lead-Based Paint Activities (LAC 33: III, Ch 28).