An All Appropriate Inquiry-compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was conducted on “The Farm” in San Elizario, Texas as part of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 6 Targeted Brownfield Assessment.  The farm is an active cotton farm and former grain mill, with plans to be redeveloped into community space.  Historic and current recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were identified as possible environmental risks associated with redevelopment.  A Phase I ESA Report was produced outlining the following RECs: arsenic used as a common pesticide; unknown pesticide and herbicide application; and use of petroleum products associated with the grain mill.

Phase II ESA – A Phase II ESA was conducted on a portion of the property that will be converted into a community garden. Nine soil borings were advanced and soil samples from this area, as well as groundwater samples from the onsite domestic well, were collected to further investigate the RECs identified during the Phase I ESA. Samples were analyzed for arsenic, organochlorine pesticides, and chlorinated herbicides and compared to Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) protective concentration levels (PCLs).  A report summarizing the activities and findings of the Phase II investigation was produced.  Levels of arsenic in the soil and groundwater were detected at concentrations above the TRRP PCLs.