St Ann Square Apartments

The St. Ann Square is located next to the historic Shrine of St. Ann in the 2100 block of Ursulines Aveneue and boost 59 beautifully updated apartments nestled withint an expanded campus of five historic buildings and one ultra-modern new builing constructed on its. North Johnson Street perimeter.

Lead Support Services:  Leaaf performed lead support services for the historic renovation of the St. Ann Apartments target housing site, which included 6 buildings. Leaaf provided lead consulting support to facilitate the Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) contractor’s repainting of lead-based painted building components remaining at the site to qualify the project for historic tax credits.

Prior to renovations, Leaaf conducted a baseline survey for lead in the soil by collecting four (4) composite samples from the bare soil at the surface of the driplines along each side of the buildings.

Leaaf conducted lead air monitoring during renovations, and lead dust wipe clearance sampling at the completion of renovations before the buildings were turned over for occupancy. Prior to clearance sampling, specialized cleaning was conducted by a third-party contractor to reduce lead levels to the applicable regulatory limits detailed in Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 33, Part III, Chapter 28 and current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules and guidelines.  Leaaf provided consulting support throughout the project and attended meetings, etc. as necessary. Leaaf also provided lead awareness and RRP training to the contractor and their employees.