As part of school-wide renovations and capital improvements for a New Orleans area private high school, Leaaf’s Indoor Air Quality Team provided asbestos and lead services to support the school’s main campus facilities plan.  Leaaf’s scope of work included surveys of asbestos containing materials (ACM) and lead based paint (LBP) for all interior and exterior areas to be included in renovations.

Based on the findings of the initial inspection surveys, Leaaf prepared asbestos and lead remediation plans to be included in project plans and for client use in obtaining bids from third-party abatement contractors to be selected by the client.  The specifications included written sections and site drawings with the locations of ACMs and LBP components identified. As the property is a school building, Leaaf followed the specification protocols required in the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC), Environmental Regulations, Air Quality for Schools and State Buildings (LAC 33: III, Chapter 27) by using an asbestos project designer.

During asbestos abatement activities within the crawlspace, special care was taken to minimize the potential disruption to the school’s faculty. Leaaf coordinated the work with the architects, general contractor, and abatement contractor as needed and extended daily and weekend shifts were utilized to ensure the timely completion of abatement activities prior to students returning for the 2021 school year.

Following abatement activities, Leaaf prepared an AAC-8 Asbestos Management Plan in conformance with criteria set forth in the provisions of the Federal Register (FR) 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 763 Subpart E; LAC.

Leaaf will provide additional support services as various phases of the project progress to abatement, to include baseline air samples, area and containment air monitoring, and clearance sampling meeting the regulatory criteria for school buildings.