Xavier University of Louisiana engaged Leaaf Environmental, LLC (Leaaf)’s Indoor Air Quality Division to provide environmental services associated with the demolition of the University’s former Claver Hall Women’s Dormitory as part of the schools 2020 improvements.  The objective of the project was to document, assess, and quantify all chemical and hazardous materials remaining in the vacant building and to identify potential hazard risks during demolition.  Leaaf conducted comprehensive surveys for asbestos containing materials (ACMs), lead based paint (LBP), and a hazardous materials inventory prior to demolition activities.

Leaaf summarized survey results in final reports to be used by the university as the basis for procuring abatement and/or demolition services. Final reports summarized the constituents of concern (COCs) identified onsite, which included ACM, LBP, and other hazardous materials, detailed analytical sampling results, and provided recommendations for disposal, including materials that could be targeted for deconstruction/salvage/recycling. Remediation designs were submitted detailing procedures for proper abatement of the identified ACMs, LBP, and hazardous materials for inclusion in project demolition specifications. Leaaf followed asbestos specification protocols required in the Louisiana Administrative Code (LAC), Environmental Regulations, Air Quality for Schools and State Buildings (LAC 33: III, Chapter 27) by using a Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) certified asbestos project designer.