Every month, Leaaf employees are presented with an opportunity to anonymously acknowledge the hard work and extra effort of their coworkers by nominating them for a small bonus.  Votes are counted at the end of every month, and the list of nominations and comments is sent out to everybody via email and posted here.

This month’s superstars are Jill Hunt and Suzanne Sicotte!

Jill recieved the following comments:

“Always working hard on so many tasks and I just don’t know how she does it.”
“Deserves recognition because of her tireless work ethic, her ability to adapt to change, her willingness to help anyone in need, her patient demeanor when everyone around her is in chaos and so much more.”
“She comes in early, stays late, works through lunch.  She “loves” everyone.  Not much around here gets her upset.  She gets all her work done plus some.  She does not like putting things off until tomorrow.”
“Most pleasant person.”

Suzanne received the following comments:

“For working Sundays and putting up with others.”
“She handles numerous back to back calls extremely well.  Her attitude is always on point even during stressful times.”
“For working weekends”

Other honorable mentions for the month of September are Gary Brooks, Emily Reeves, and Maddy Fox.