Consulting Services for Asbestos, Lead, and Mold

It is important for building managers to maintain consistently high standards of indoor air quality to ensure the long-term health of their employees and occupants. Achieving these standards starts by working with an air quality consultant that specializes in the detection and analysis of issues like asbestos, lead, and mold.

Leaaf works with a wide range of commercial, industrial, heavy industrial, and government clients to provide a variety of asbestos, lead, and mold consulting services. Our work in this area includes:

  • Surveys and inspections

  • Risk assessments

  • Abatement specifications and scopes of work

  • Abatement oversight and construction administration

  • Air monitoring during abatement

  • Clearance testing

  • Operations and maintenance programs

  • AHERA management plans

  • Hazardous materials surveys

  • Indoor air quality testing

  • Legionella testing

  • indoor air quality
  • CHN
  • Rachel Fenasci Mold Sampling
  • Jim Blazek - Mold Sampling
  • Lead-Asbestos Containing-Material (ACM)-Abatement
  • Lead-Asbestos Containing-Material Abatement-on Bridge

How We Perform Our Indoor Air Quality Services

Our team of experienced accredited inspectors conducts an investigation to assess the presence of suspect environmental hazards that may impact your project.

We do the front-end work for inspecting these issues, which allows us to determine the nature and extent of the environmental hazards and then consult with our clients to create a scope of work that provides clear direction on how they should proceed. Our team is capable of aiding clients throughout the process to make sure the job is handled properly in accordance with all legal and safety regulations, minimize environmental risk to the public, and protect our clients from liability exposure.

Our team is licensed and certified for this type of work, and capable of providing training on these issues to keep you safe throughout your coming project.

Meet the Team

Jim Blazek

Jim Blazek
Chief Operations Officer

Madeline Dickson

Madeline Dickson
Indoor Air Quality Division Manager

Suzanne Sicotte, MPH

Suzanne Sicotte, MPH
Environmental Scientist / Industrial Hygienist

Jill Hunt

Jill Hunt
Environmental Scientist

Gary Brooks

Gary Brooks
Environmental Technician

Willie Ross

Willie Ross
Health & Safety / Training Manager

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