Environmental Engineering & Compliance

Most commercial and industrial companies need assistance with maintaining environmental compliance with state and federal agencies.

Engineering and Compliance Division clients include chemicals plants, manufacturing plants, oil terminals, oil and grease manufacturing plants, cement plants, brick manufacturing plants, mining facilities, mineral processing plants, groundwater treatment facilities, and intermodal services facilities.

Leaaf provides full media compliance assistance and engineering capabilities, including:

  • Wastewater, drainage, green infrastructure and stormwater system design

  • Wastewater permitting, monitoring, reporting, training, inspection and agency negotiation assistance

  • Stormwater permitting, monitoring, reporting, training, inspection and SWPPP development

  • Air emission permitting, reporting, training, inspection and SOP development

  • Solid waste permitting, disposal, generator storage, emergency management planning and annual reporting

  • Beneficial use and waste tire permitting, training, inspection and reporting

  • Hazardous materials storage and reporting to LSP (Tier II) and EPA TRI reporting

  • Hazardous waste generator management, universal waste management, emergency management planning and reporting

  • Fuel, chemical, and used oil management and spill plan development along with inspection and training services

  • RCRA emergency response plans

  • RCRA hazardous waste and solid waste annual reporting

  • Previous pavement design

  • Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) submittals

  • Quarterly visual monitoring and annual inspections for LPDES permit compliance

  • Waste tire transport, storage and reuse permitting

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  • compliance site
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Environmental Compliance Services from Leaaf

Our goal at Leaaf is to assist facilities to obtain and remain in compliance, while reducing or eliminating excessive or unnecessary compliance requirements through recommended design and operations changes and best management practices. We seek to find ways to reduce compliance costs in a manner is beneficial to a facility’s profit activity.

Get Assistance with Permitting and Compliance

Leaaf is available to assist with site cleanup, permitting and other compliance work for your remediation site. Contact us today to get started with our services.