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The occupational environment’s impact on worker health has been studied since antiquity. Although many disciplines are involved in the mitigation of occupational risks, Industrial Hygiene functions as the benchmark for understanding, evaluating, preventing, and controlling environmental factors that may lead to impaired health and well-being. While the term “Industrial Hygiene” only began to describe the growing field in the early 1900s, key legislation has brought it to the forefront in the United States and nearly every employer is required to implement the elements of an industrial hygiene and safety program – and, to be responsive to the regulations of either OSHA or MSHA.

Leaaf’s EH&S Division develops custom cross-disciplined risk-mitigation solutions based on thoroughly collected occupational exposure data, behavior-based safety observations, and key performance indicators.

Leaaf’s EH&S consulting expertise includes:

  • Exposure monitoring for chemicals, dusts, metals, noise, radiation, fibers, etc.

  • Corporate EH&S program development and gap assessment

  • Quantitative occupational exposure assessment

  • Ventilation and vent hood surveys 

  • Onsite third-party EH&S support

  • Qualitative risk assessments

  • Ergonomic assessments

  • NORM management

  • Illumination surveys

  • Sound level surveys

  • Vibration Monitoring

  • Expert witness

Meet the Team


Stephen Paternostro, MPH, CIH, CSP
EH&S Division Manager / Sr. Certified Industrial Hygienist


Mallory Picard
Environmental Health & Safety Technician

Suzanne Sicotte

Suzanne Sicotte, MPH
Industrial Hygienist / Environmental Scientist

Jill Hunt

Jill Hunt
Environmental Scientist


Anthony Sagnard
Environmental Technician

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