Underground Storage Tank Compliance & Closure

Throughout the entire life of an underground storage tank (UST) it is crucial to maintain compliance with all regulations that exist locally and nationally. Active underground storage tanks require regular monitoring and inspection to ensure they are in good condition and do not hold any safety risk.

Eventually, every UST will reach the end of its useful life. At this point, it becomes necessary to work with UST-certified companies and workers to remove them.

Leaaf assists with both UST compliance and closure work. Our team has four UST-certified workers who are ready and able to provide assistance whenever tanks need to be removed from sites.

  • remediation disposal
  • Chase Cromwell at UST Closure
  • Chase Cromwell at UST Closure
  • Kelly Caris at UST Closure
  • UST Removal
  • UST Closure Concrete Pile
  • UST Closure
  • UST Closure Pipe

Louisiana Trust Fund Work

There is a trust fund in the state of Louisiana that can help you with this work.

If, for example, you have a release at an active gas station, we can serve as your Response Action Contractor (RAC) to be selected to work on your behalf. Through this avenue, we can do the necessary investigation and cleanup work at your site.

We are members of the Petroleum Equipment Institute, and a member of our team sits on the board of the Louisiana Trust Fund. This means we are intimately familiar with this kind of work and are happy to allow you to use our knowledge as a crucial resource in your upcoming job.

Meet the Team

Emily Reeves, MSPH

Emily Reeves, MSPH
Sr. Environmental Scientist / Risk Assessor

Chase Cromwell, PG

Chase Cromwell, PG
Professional Geologist

Jim Blazek

Jim Blazek
Chief Operations Officer

Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen
Environmental Technician / Heavy Equipment Operator

Jaren Bradford

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