Jim and Jesse are taking over as Co-Captains for their Hogs For the Cause Team (Smoke Dem if Ya Got Dem) and has 25 Saints Football Squares left to sell out this year.  This is our teams 5th year and as a group we have raised  $15,417 that has been donated to Hogs.  This money goes to support pediatric brain cancer patients (https://hogsforthecause.org/donate/).  These squares are our primary fundraiser for our team.  We do a couple other cooking events, and sell food at the event, but this raises the most money.  Please consider reaching out to a team member and buying a square.  Lander and Brad will work on getting everything paid out.

Rules for the squares:

  1. The cost is $50 a square
  2. Payout $25 for first 3 quarters and $50 for the final  for end of game score (overtime included).
  3. Your numbers change every week so that you get a better chance of not getting stuck with a bad number.
  4. We raise $3,000 to donate directly to the Hogs organization and use the balance $2000 to fund the payouts.  We don’t use this fundraiser to cover team entry or food costs, those are through team member dues.

Also, we will have opportunities to get involved if you are interested, just let me know as we will have a few spots open for the team.  We expect people to put in 6-10 hours over the weekend of work and help out a little with the fundraisers or events.  It’s been a great time with lots of fellowship.   There are many jobs that don’t involve cooking if you are interested.  The team is typically about 18-20 people and I think we are about 10-12 firm commitments.

Thanks for considering signing up for our squares.  We are looking to close this pool Sunday.  Please let me know if you are interested and I will collect the money from you someway.

Please sign up to follow the action on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SmokeDemGotDem/