This Tuesday, August 15th, Leaaf Environmental was proud to receive the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce Most Creative award as part of their 2023 Healthy Business Awards. Being recognized by the chamber for our efforts is incredible and we are truly honored.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of what Leaaf is all about, here is our submission for the award:

In the bustling realm of what is the Consulting World, where stress and deadlines loom large, Leaaf Environmental has conjured a wellness wonderland that brings a refreshing breeze of health and happiness to its employees. This program has different kinds of incentives for staying healthy. Every Leaaf’er receives $20 a month towards a gym membership – upon proof of gym membership receipt. If the chosen gym costs less than the incentivized amount, Leaaf waves its wand and casts a generous spell, paying for the entire membership! No barriers, no excuses – fitness dreams come true. As clients may potentially call you on your cell phone or you may need to check your emails while out and about, Leaaf also pays $75 towards your cell phone bill. In case the Leaaf’er needs to put their minds somewhere else or needs a little thinking break, there’s a basketball hoop installed outside for anyone to make use of. Fresh air, a new perspective, and a little exercise get the brain going and the mind flowing. But that’s not all. Every month, Leaaf throws a social gathering like no other, with a rotating 3-month schedule. One month, the physical play takes center stage. Depending on the weather, it could be anything from pickleball to indoor building activities. One month, mental fun, such as trivia or sip & paint, or other either relaxing or mentally challenging activities happen. The third month is a bigger social that takes place outside of the office and can involve anything from cocktail-making, to escape rooms, it’s only the marketing department’s fantasies that sets the limits. Not only do they get a refreshing break from the daily grind, but they also forge unbreakable bonds, making the workplace an inviting sanctuary of friendship. Every week, a culinary alchemist among the Leaaf’ers unveils their mastery of the art of healthy cooking. A shared feast of nutritious delights graces the office, turning it into a hub of delectable exploration. Taste buds dance with joy, and colleagues share hearty laughs while savoring the wholesome nourishment. In this culinary carousel, they discover not just new flavors but also a sense of community that warms the heart. In case you are hungry at other times, Leaaf’s kitchen is always full of healthy snacks and drinks! With Flexible hours, Leaaf lets the employee handle their own time. With a yearly hourly requirement, Leaaf’ers can choose how their work schedule looks, making way for a great work-life balance as every Leaaf’er can choose how their particular schedule looks. If your workload allows you, you can work from anywhere you see fit, if that’s at home, the office, or in a different country. At Leaaf, they believe in PTO galore – a full 4 weeks from the get-go, as Leaaf makes sure their Leaaf’ers are well taken care of, both physically and mentally. With 4 weeks of paid time off, available whenever needed, on top of flexible hours, Leaaf’ers has every opportunity to take a day off and nurture their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Financially, Leaaf has an incredible 4% 401K match and has a financial advisor connected to the company that any employee is free to use. Spouses aren’t forgotten either, as Leaaf provides everyone with life insurance. On top of that, Leaaf contributes $400 a month towards health insurance through the company, and if you’d prefer to go your own way, they still want to make sure everyone is as healthy as can be, and choose to contribute $295 a month towards self-chosen health insurance. What makes Leaaf Environmental’s Wellness program truly magical is that it’s not just a fleeting show – it’s an integral part of the company’s culture and ethos. It’s called Leaaf Family and is part of the core values. The owners believe in the power of a healthy workforce. With every wellness initiative, they sprinkle stardust on their employees, ensuring their happiness and fulfillment. In this leafy oasis, wellness is not just a buzzword – it’s an integral part of the organization.

Our wellness program at Leaaf Environmental is truly deserving of the “Most Creative” award. It goes beyond conventional approaches to inspire well-being among our employees, despite varying budget constraints. Our ingeniously designed program fosters physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health, enriching the lives of our team members. Leaaf brings a refreshing breeze of health and happiness to our employees through various incentives. We pay for or contribute to gym memberships, removing financial barriers and making fitness dreams come true for everyone. We also cover phone bills, offer a 401K match, healthcare, and life insurance to ensure our employees feel secure in all aspects of life. Recognizing the importance of mental rejuvenation, we’ve installed a basketball hoop outside the office, inspiring creative thinking and providing a much-needed thinking break to boost productivity. Our monthly social gatherings cater to diverse interests, fostering unbreakable bonds and creating a sanctuary of friendship within our workplace. Our culinary carousel exemplifies creativity, satisfying taste buds and fostering a strong sense of community. With snacks and drinks always available, worries about hunger or thirst never arise, contributing to financial and mental well-being. Flexible hours and four weeks of paid time off empower our employees to find their ideal work-life balance, nurturing their physical and mental health. Our wellness program is woven into our company’s culture and values, known as Leaaf Family, and defines who we are. At Leaaf, we believe creativity is the key to a thriving and inspired workforce. Our unique approach sparks innovation, ensuring employee happiness and establishing us as trailblazers in wellness initiatives. We proudly inspire a culture of health, happiness, and innovation, making our program truly deserving of the “Most Creative” award.